Career Objectives

To obtain a Sales or Marketing Management position in a growing organization working in a team environment to provide market positioning and branding, public relations, creation of regional sales programs, and development of sales channels. Opportunity to use my sales support and applications experience.  A career working in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry preferred.

Target Job Title:
Internet Strategist, Webmaster, Internet Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Director of Marketing, Business Development Manager, National Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager.

Desired Job Type: Employee or Contractor
Desired Status: Full-Time, Contract Considered
Site Location: San Diego, CA

Description of my perfect job:

Growing sales for a small to mid sized organization where my marketing and sales efforts will strongly impact company growth.

Career Level
Management (Manager/Director of Staff)

Date of Availability:

2 Weeks

Description of my ideal company:

An organization that understands the need to evolve with today's new technological economy. I am seeking a firm that has funding to invest in marketing and sales developments. A company involved in Consumer Packaged Goods would be ideal but I am very open to working in any industry as long as I can be challenged to exceed.

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