affiliate marketing manager

Database Marketing   Experience/Abilities

Ability to manage the data and information needs of the Marketing Department. Maintain data on existing customers and analyse their solutions/service patterns, contact history and preferences to identify and create marketing opportunities that enhance lead generation and sales through various channels. Develop the model that profiles and identifies prospective new customers.

Provide strategic and functional leadership for our database marketing competency leveraging database and quantitative insights to provide recommendations to optimize marketing programs to meet specified ROI and strategic objectives.
Manage customer database with care and attention to detail, following best practices, create dashboard of key performance indicators, update weekly and daily where applicable, ad hoc data analysis, campaign strategy recommendations, planning, execution and tracking, list segmentation creation and tracking.
Assist in customer acquisition and identification of prospects, lead generation, and customer retention and update customer profiles, and monitor retention, segmentation, attrition and demographics.

Analyze and support the implementation of multiple, concurrent marketing campaigns.

Identify and suggest test strategies, develop appropriate campaign matrices and coding strategies to support campaign goals.

Develop processes to generate lists from the database to support all marketing efforts to new and existing customers. Ensure that list analysis meets specifications for the campaign.

Enhance, append and update lists on a regular basis.

Design, develop, and manage company segmentation rules and models, containing demographics, psychographics.

Perform analysis to assist in overall evaluation of campaign's success.

Perform ad-hoc recurring analysis and reporting of data to monitor key performance indicators and trends.

Perform analysis to report on customer profiling to sync with win/loss data.

Experience in database marketing, including data modeling, segmentation structuring, creative development and analysis.

Experience in developing and executing direct or database marketing campaigns focused on lead generation and increased sales revenue.

Strong analytical and understanding of quantitative analysis and statistical analysis.

Solid experience working with MS Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, & Access.) Proficient with MS Excel with pivot tables.
Experience working with
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Proven organizational and time management skills.
Ability to handle and prioritize multiple assignments.
Strong process orientation.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Excellent attention to detail.
Ability to remain flexible and responsive when faced with multiple urgent requests


Jeffrey S. Dean

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