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Email Marketing

As an Email Marketing Director/Digital Strategist I can provide strategic leadership and lead internal and external business partners in the planning, strategy, production, execution, reporting, and analysis of outbound email marketing.  This includes developing and managing email marketing schedules, coordinating the collection and trafficking of email marketing campaigns. 

Extensive experience leading the email marketing process; including directing project management, AE, writing, and directing creative team members to develop new promotions/programs through brainstorming, competitive research, and/or business need. 

I have a thorough understanding of commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures particular to email marketing.


Writing and refining project briefs and ensuring development and management of workflow meet critical deadlines.

Developing strategic list criteria's for the targeting of email distribution.

Managing and maintaining email marketing calendars for clients.

Developing and managing email marketing campaign workflows to meet deadlines.

Planning and implementing website promotions into effective cross-sell messaging.


Data analysis of email metrics and subscribers (list analysis).  This includes analyzing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports measuring the performance of email conversion, number of campaigns sent, open rates, click through rates, gross sales, sales per email, increased retention and impact on lifetime value of the customer.

Analysis of email marketing programs to identify customer insights and opportunities.  Analysis of reporting above may uncover key customer segments and opportunities for differential treatment. 

Data analysis and program development in the following areas: distribution/frequency reporting, bounce back/bad address rates, response rate reporting, demographics, ROI, & cost per response/sale.


Create and implement new processes/systems when needed.

Lead brainstorming sessions and strategic discussions.

Assist with training of new email marketing team members.


Companies Jeff Dean has created email messages for:

Samples of Actual Campaigns:  PDF screenshots


Harte-Hanks - Email Marketing Promo

Analysts International - The Top 10 Reports Every IP Telephony Manager Needs

AVAYA - Maximize your Risk

Bridgehead Software - Data Backup

Webinar - If you schedule it will they come

Webinar Invite - Sales Triggers

Harte-Hanks - All you can eat subscription

Harte-Hanks - Industry Marketing Reports

Harte-Hanks - Enterprise Profile Introduction

Extreme Networks - Is your network watching out for you

Guaranteed Leads (landing page)

CiTDB Summer Promotion

Lead Generation Promo

CiTDB - InDepth Intelligence

X1 Communications - Desktop Search Software

Harte-Hanks Webinar Invite - China database intro

Harte-Hanks - Ecommerce Promotion

Foundry Network - Become a Believer

New Horizons - Back to School

Harte-Hanks - Q2 Quarterly Report

SAS - Introducing Ci Tech leads

IBM  Tivoli Promotion to Channels

Harte-Hanks - Citriggers Promo

CiTDB - Summer Slowdown Promotion

Harte-Hanks - Lead Generation Promotion

Harte-Hanks - Q2 End promotion

Internet Specialists West - New location promotion

Webroot - Email Security

Harte-Hanks - New Product Intro


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