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What would you like to be doing five years from now?

I would like to be involved in management, leading others to market the company’s products and services. I want to manage sales efforts through strategic planning and marketing programs on a national level.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

Although l feel my biggest accomplishments are still ahead of me, I am proud of my involvement in helping Borden Foods renovate their marketing strategies in 2000.  Being involved from the conception gave me a real sense of achievement when my measurable contributions translated into increased sales.

How did you move up through the organization?

I was determined to excel at my job and move into a position in management.  I mastered the duties I was asked to perform. I then, self taught myself the skills needed to move to the next level in the organization. Through continuous learning and a driven focus on my goal, I was able to balance the twin objectives of managing my current position and learning the position I was going after.

Can you work under pressure?

Yes, I usually find it stimulating. However, I believe in planning and proper management of my time to reduce panic deadlines within my area of responsibility.

What is your greatest strength?

My ability to coordinate strategic marketing plans to promote a project or idea. I have a unique talent for designing sales plans and implementing those ideas through direct client interaction and promoting through a network.

What are your outstanding qualities?

My strongest qualities are my commitment values.  I feel, if you are going to take on a project or set an achievement goal you should strive to accomplish your objective.  I also have strong integrity.  I have a standard of values that I follow. These values frequently project as honest intentions when I present my ideas and suggestions in business.

What are you looking for in your next job?

A chance to grow as an individual and a chance to make a difference in the company, through education and understanding of the market, I would like to receive a sense of fulfillment from my next job.

How do you handle rejection?

I accept rejection as an integral part of the sales process. If everyone said ‘yes’ to a product, there would he no need for the sales function. As it is, I see every rejection as bringing me closer to the customer who will say yes.  I regard rejection as simply a fact of life, that the customer has no need for the product today.  I can go on to my next call with the conviction that I am a little closer to my next sale.

Describe a difficult problem you’ve had to deal with?

I always follow a five-step format with a difficult problem. One, I stand back and examine the problem. Two, I recognize the problem as the symptom of the other, perhaps hidden, factors. Three, I make a list of possible solutions to the problem.  Four, I weigh both the consequences and cost of each solution, and determine the best solution.  And five, I go to my superior, outline the problem, make my recommendations and ask for advice and approval.  I encountered a problem that needed such attention when I took over a sales territory for Benjamin Moore & Co. I had a new customer that had a problem with one of our products.  I went out to look at the job right away to find that indeed there was a problem.  I prodded the client for questions on application and conditions.  I came to the conclusion that it could be one of four reasons for the product to fail.  I went back to the job site and evaluated the situation under the four assumptions and tested each idea to mimic the situation the contractor applied the product in.  I decided, after careful examination, that the proper preparation was not done prior to the application of the product.  I went back to my district sale manager with my findings and presented my evidence and discussed the situation.  After discussing the possible repercussions from this situation, losing him as a future customer, we decided to split the cost of repairing the trouble areas, after we made it clear that the problem was not due to the products performance.  The contractor has extremely gratified by our understanding and soon after became a loyal customer who referred us over and over again.

Why should I hire Jeff Dean?

I have the qualifications you need; educated, experienced at selling through a channel, knowledgeable of the marketplace, understanding of finance and accounting, computer literate, strong leadership qualities, proven sales record, I am a team player, I take direction and I have a strong desire for success.

What you have to offer:
Not only new and better ideas for how things can be improved, but also the courage to pursue them.

leadership styleinnovative
Innovative. Your leadership style can be characterized as Innovative. You tend to be inventive and proactive in creating new ways to get things done, bringing a sense of confidence to most things you do. You aren't afraid to take risks if it means finding a new, better way.

work personalityrousing
Rousing. You are more Rousing than Agreeable when it comes to your work personality. This means that you aren't afraid to challenge the status quo. Not only does this ability help generate new ideas, but it also helps others around you think outside of the box.

Univeral Skillsmulti-tasking
Multi-tasking skills. With multi-tasking as your strongest universal skill, you are likely effective in managing multiple things at once and are talented in producing work quickly. You are sharp, tend to be a quick learner, and don't get daunted in the face of stress.

Independent. You show strength in your ability to be an Independent worker. While you no doubt can be quite effective working on a team, you feel much more productive when you have the freedom to do things on your own. You simply enjoy the autonomy that independent work entails.



Jeffrey S. Dean

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One of the things I like most about Jeff is his honesty at all times.  He is always straight forward and if he can’t be, he walks away and plans tactfully before he says what needs to be said.  He considers peoples feelings before he considers his wallet size.  He gives all he can to others.  His Philosophy is to give a person the benefit of the doubt even though their past may prove otherwise. 

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