Who is Jeff Dean?

On the 1st day of March 1968 Jeffrey was born in Smithtown, N.Y at the Smithtown General Hospital to John and Barbara Dean.  His parents are still happily married to this day.  They purchased a home in Central Islip, N.Y in 1967 where they set their roots and raised three children.   Jeffrey, being the oldest of the three, naturally became a role model for his younger brothers Jason and Sean.  He was their leader and mentor.  The responsibility came natural to Jeff.  He never questioned his role nor did he complain.

Jeffrey’s family was very involved with the local Church being members of Saint Peters Apostle in Islip Terrace, New York.  Jeffrey was Baptized, received Communion, Penance, and was Confirmed there.  Jeff is still actively involved with the Church although his relocation from his home in New York has made his loyalty to one particular organization difficult. 

As the years went on Jeffrey became very involved in the Boy Scouts of America. He joined at the age of 8 starting out in the Cub Scouts, then to the Weblows, and finally the Boy Scouts.  Here he was able to grow as a leader.  The many responsibilities he took on proved to be to his advantage later in life.  He held positions such as Patrol Leader, Head Bugler, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader which showed his strengths as a natural born leader.  Jeff achieved the rank of Life Scout, earned over 40 merit badges, received awards for honor and loyal service and became an active member of many sub-committees.  His achievements were highly recognized and he was well respected. 

At the age of fourteen Jeff joined the Catholic Youth Organization Hockey League in Central Islip New York.  He lead his team to four consecutive league championships and two Stanley Cup Championships.  During his five years in the league he was ranked the highest scoring player three times.  At the same time, he was playing little league baseball for Saint John of God Church. For over six years he participated and was recognized as the most valuable player three times for his outstanding performance as a pitcher. 

Graduating from the Central Islip Senior High School in Central Islip, New York in 1986 Jeffrey decided that he wanted to pursue his education a step further.  He enrolled in the Suffolk County State Community College in Selden, New York.  Here he pursued a degree in Business Administration.  Working full time as an architectural designer for a landscape company in Commack, New York and going to school full time left little time for extra curricular activities.  It was at this time that he decided to take some time off from college and work for a while to save some money to attend a better University for his Bachelors Degree.  When the time came Jeffrey went back to Suffolk Community College and finished his Associates of Science in the spring of 1990.  He then went out and started an architectural landscape company.  His company was small but had a great reputation.  The majority of business was received by referrals.  His reputation became good that he branched out into other areas such as: carpentry, painting, roofing and asphalt repair.  With the help of his friends he was a great success. 

But, this wasn’t enough for Jeff he was still unfulfilled.  He made the decision to go back to College.  In the fall of 1992 Jeff enrolled at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in Stony Brook, New York in the Business Management Program.  After a year he decided to get involved in a National Student Exchange Program.  The Program was offered to students in good academic standing.  Students who wanted to travel to another University had the option to have the credits transferred back to their home University under the program.  He choose the California State University at Dominguez Hills, in Carson, California as his host University.  After attending the University for two semesters he fell in love with the Sunshine State and developed a plan to come back.  When he returned to New York he took an extended number of classes to finish the requirements to graduate from his home University.  After the semester he packed up all his belongings and head back to California.  Here he was going to take the two final classes he needed to graduate at Cal. State Dominguez, transfer them back to S.U.N.Y Stony Brook, and graduate in the spring of 1995. 

Today Jeff is working for Global Marketing Group marketing online business services after working for several fortune 500 companies. 

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Jeffrey S. Dean

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